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We are ready to solve your problem in Indonesia, practice and specializes in the area of such as:

Foreign Investment

A. Handling applications to Foreign Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) with respect to foreign investment, such as :
  (1) BKPM approval for foreign investment.
  (2) Increase of capital.
  (3) Change of investment.
  (4) Change of shareholders.
  (5) Sale and purchase of shares.
B. Preparing agreements related to Joint Venture Agreement :
  (1) Joint Venture Agreement.
  (2) Technical Assistance Agreement.
  (3) Management Assistance Agreement.
  (4) Trademark Licence Agreement.
  (5) Franchise Agreement.
  (6) Secrecy Agreement.
  (7) Distribution Agreement.
  (8) Sale and Purchase of Shares.


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