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How can I stay in Bali-Indonesia? Can I buy a land and build house in Bali?
May I have a firm and run my own business? What visa and then I need for? Is that the best way to have a local partner for business? What about retire in Bali? I love this island, I would like to spend rest of my life in here can I do that? How to get legal document clearances for those alike..?

There are plenty more questions coming up everyday from new comers and residents in Bali. Here we are for you PT. Antariksa Bali Document Clearance. We are pleasure to spend such a free time making sure you to spread off your doubt. We will do whole that document clearances for you, legally and secure.

Vehicle Documents Clearance
Streets are very congested, traffic rules are ignored and streets are often in less than desirable condition - all of which results in a very stressful situation. Because of this most foreigners elect to employ a driver. But Even if you do have a driver, it is wise to have an Indonesian driver's license for those occasions when your driver is of for an emergency occurs after your driver has gone home for the day.

Is it possible for foreigner like you to have driving license in BALI-Indonesia? The answer is YES, the foreigners are allowed to obtain an Indonesian driver's license or SIM (Surat Izin Mengemudi). So next question is how to do it?

Let’s us take this part for you. Keep you away from such of trouble of doing this thing. Let’s our employers are willing to assist you by obtaining that services. Our familiar acknowledges to the procedure not only can help you complete the paperwork quickly even finding the best time to do the application, even more you are not necessary awaiting along-line queue. It is not usually required that you take a written test or driving test depends on kind of application.

One you get a local license, you will only have to renew it every year.

Our service of expertise include :
• Posses a valid driver's license from your home country.
• Posses an international driver's license.
• Applying for a new license without a valid license of any kind with you.
• Extending a valid Indonesian driver's license.
• Extending an expired Indonesian driver's license.

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